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The main module delivered with ONP is the powerful publishing tool. You will find multi language support, version control, role based publishing and lots of other features.

Publishing in ONP is done by filling in predefined templates for the specific article type you want to create. This means the user only writes the text and picks the images he wants the article to contain. A predefined template does all the layout specific details. Used in conjunction with ONP Image Archive, the images selected will be scaled and converted to proper formats automatically.

Time span / validity
When publishing an article, you can decide when and for how long you want the article to be valid. If for instance you would like to have a “Merry Christmas” article, you can write it during summer and set it valid from first of December to third of January. ONP will ensure the article is only visible for the given time.

ONP got powerful access control by roles. Most employees will have a “publisher” role, giving them rights to create and write articles. When done they mark their article as “for approval”. The employee with “editor” role will now continue the process. He can choose to acknowledge the article, making it instantly visible on the net, or send it back to the author for corrections.

An article can be translated to different languages and still exist as one instance in ONP. This means that change of language while reading an article will result in the same article showing up in the new language. You therefore only need one website and the system will provide articles in correct language. Since not all articles are useful or needed in all languages provided, you can choose which to translate.

Segments and Categories
In addition to existing in several languages, an article can exist in different segments (i.e. Internet and intranet) and categories. This way you can write one article and make it appear several places both on your Internet and intranet pages.

Version control
ONP has built-in version control of articles. This feature gives you the possibility of editing an already published article, and then to republish it with new version number. The “old” article will still be visible until the new one is written/edited and also approved by the editor.

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