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ONP Image Archive solves all tricky image considerations. The only thing you need to do is worry about what image to use. ONP Image Archive finishes the job for you.
Using ONP you no longer have to worry about sizes, formats or complicated image processing. Making image-galleries / slideshows has never been easier! Here are some issues solved:
  • Scaling is done automatically. You no longer have to think about image sizes.
  • All images are automatically converted to formats suitable for web use.
  • Rotation, mirroring, frames and selections are done by simple mouse clicks.
  • Add information like copyright, title and description to every photo.
  • See which articles use the different images.
  • Making a web-based image-gallery / slideshow has never been easier. Tell the module which categories you want to show images from, and the rest is handled by ONP. You are free to implement the design of choise.

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