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Origo uses the terminology calendar entry for all tasks and events in the calendar. Calendar entries can be a meeting, invitation, a “todo” list. Hours logged on an activity for a client or a private task.

All hours logged through the time sheet interface is automatically visible in the calendar. If you one day works for five hours on an activity and enters the hours in the timesheet, it will appear on the same day in the calendar with duration five hours but without start and end time. You can edit all entries in the calendar. You can choose to apply a start and end time, or only duration.

Entries without a date will appear in the TODO list, a list on the front page for you to remember important tasks. Calendar entries have a separate field for hours to appear on an invoice. This can be different from duration. Hours logged in the calendar are also visible in the timesheet, grouped on client, project and activity. There are separate sections for hours not logged on specific activities, planned or private hours, to avoid loosing hours and to make sure the hours match whatever is seen in the calendar.

You can invite co-workers (Origo users) or external contacts, to all calendar entries. The calendar has three different views; day, week and month. There is also a tab for availability, showing when users are free or busy. This makes it easy to find a suitable time for a meeting. All days can be marked as completed. This is a convenient way of telling you are done logging hours. You can also mark a whole week as completed. If you would like to add a new appointment when on the phone with a new client, you can add the client directly from the calendar screen. From the same screen you can also add contacts, projects and activities.

All calendar entries can have any number of alerts sent via SMS or email. You can choose between two alert modes, either date+time (e.g. 2006.02.21 18:30), or fixed time before e.g. “30 minutes before”. Origo can also alert you on SMS or email when you or someone else adds entries to your calendar.

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