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Projects and Activities

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Projects, sub projects (or milestones) has activities, user access, sharing of files with other users, hour logging and economical reports.
Activities are the taskes where you can log hours.  They can be assigned a  value of important, bug etc. and also has user access.

All project leaders and project participants wish for a situation where everybody logs their hours, and no hours "disappears". Origo performs this task superbly simple!
Projects can be divided into sub projects, and participants can be attached to the various projects.

Estimates, ETC, time spent and potential deviations are aggregated from all activities connected to the projects. This hierarchy contributes to an overview for each project level. Activities can in turn be divided into sub activities.
The same aggregations as for projects apply to activities, giving an equally good overview.

Projects and activities can have external references attached. This means you can attach an activity to a task in another system. You can create a link to the external system from the activity card in Origo. The complete history for all activities is saved for future reference and control. This makes it easy to control the progress for each project.

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