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  1. Project manager create
    the project,
    sub-projects (milestones)
    and activities (tasks).
  2. Hours are only recorded on activities so allocate someone to do them.
  3. Decide responsibility for activities, project and sub-projects.
  4. Use access control to determine who can do what.
  • Project name
    • Sub-Project
      • Activity
      • Activity
      • Activity
    • Sub-Project
      • Activity

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ORIGO - Manage Projects, People and Cost. Track Progress and Resources.

Project status

All relevant information about customers, contacts, projects, activities and relations among these can easily be managed from the intuitive interface.

Origo contains important economical reports like salary basis, invoice basis, hour logs, weekly summaries, monthly summaries, etc. and facilities for generating S-curves for projects. Projects and activities are hierarchically structured for better overview.
LDAP support makes your Origo-contacts available for Outlook and other e-mail clients.

Origo is designed with the philosophy that “all hours should be accounted for”, and provides an easy and intuitive way for everyday logging of hours.  We think a system should be accessible from “wherever and whenever” without compromising security. This is why Origo only exists as a web application and not as a thick client. No additional software is required, only a web browser. This contributes to keeping the running costs at a minimum, as no local upgrade is necessary when new versions of Origo are released.

Origo is using advanced next generation web technology to give the user the same application feeling and response he is used to from traditional thick client software.It can easily be modified to suit the interface of a PDA and even your mobile phone.

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  • Time Tracking: Easy interface for your employee’s hour logging.
  • Project Control: A Powerful tool to execute and keep track of your projects. Easy to allocate employees on projects and activities, store relevant data and use as an evaluation tool for future projects.
  • Economical Reports: Many types of summaries from logged hours and project progress, and a base for salaries and invoices.
  • File Sharing and Collaboration: Facilitates communication with your users. Calendar with meeting invites.Access control for employees and customers.
  • Contact Details (companies or persons): Easy access to all details for your clients, suppliers, employees and partners.