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  1. Project manager create
    the project,
    sub-projects (milestones)
    and activities (tasks).
  2. Hours are only recorded on activities so allocate someone to do them.
  3. Decide responsibility for activities, project and sub-projects.
  4. Use access control to determine who can do what.
  • Project name
    • Sub-Project
      • Activity
      • Activity
      • Activity
    • Sub-Project
      • Activity

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Online Project Management System and collaboration tool with CRM functionality.

origo CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Manage work and project information, complete with reports, document sharing, time tracking and contact/ customer details.

Origo gives you total visibility into your projects, people and cost.

ORIGO, the name symbolizing the core of your business, handles all projects and clients. It was originally developed as a project control and back office system for the consultant industry, but we found that all types of industries can use it.
It is also a great tool in marketing and sales to keep track of leads and customers and upload information about them.

Origo builds on the OfficeNet Portal platform which together, give your company a solid foundation for further development on the Internet and more. If you need to customize modules that can extract CRM data from Origo into your intranet or business processes, you can contact our partner WebIT for more details.

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  • Time Tracking: Easy interface for your employee’s hour logging.
  • Project Control: A Powerful tool to execute and keep track of your projects. Easy to allocate employees on projects and activities, store relevant data and use as an evaluation tool for future projects.
  • Economical Reports: Many types of summaries from logged hours and project progress, and a base for salaries and invoices.
  • File Sharing and Collaboration: Facilitates communication with your users. Calendar with meeting invites.Access control for employees and customers.
  • Contact Details (companies or persons): Easy access to all details for your clients, suppliers, employees and partners.